Monday, 21 March 2016

The 2016 Festival

Well the 2016 Festival is over now and all the volunteers will be wondering how to fill their time. Next year's plans have been interrupted somewhat by the surprise decision of Harrogate Ladies' College not to continue hosting the Festival. The large number of visitors, (over 3000 in the three Festival weekends), coming on to the College estate is becoming inconsistent with it being a functioning boarding school and, also, the College has other things it would like to do with its own space. All good things come to an end and the Festival has been very happy at the College since 2008. We would like to thank its staff and pupils for their help over that time.

Since it was founded in 1936 the Festival has been mounted at a number of different Harrogate venues (I performed in it over 50 years ago on the stage of the Royal Hall - terrifying!!) and we are confident that this will be a minor hiccough in our 80 years of existence. Work is afoot to find a new home for 2017 and beyond. The adjudicators are currently booked for the three weekends commencing on 3 March, so fingers crossed. If you think you can help please contact us via the website

Here is the full list of winners. The Festival has always been a competitive one, so every class has a winner but really every performer is a winner, just for getting up and doing it, so well done everyone and "Thank you" to all the volunteers, without whom the Festival could not take place.

First weekend

Acted Scene Age 15 & under: Katy Metheringham and Luke Morland, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Sam Daltry and William Jackson, Knaresborough; Group Drama Age 15 & under: KSSD Wednesday Intermediates 2, Knaresborough; 19 & under: KSSD Masterclass, Knaresborough; Solo Acting Age 12 & 13: Emily Belcher, Knaresborough; 14 & 15: Katy Metheringham, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Kitty Watson, Knaresborough; Solo Acting - Shakespeare Age 15 & under: Helena Baker, Harrogate; 16 & over: Kitty Watson, Knaresborough; Concerto Class Year 13 & under: Emily Watson-Breeze, York; Chamber Class Year 10 & under: Dragon Woodwind Sextet, Harrogate; Open: perfect 5th, Leeds; Entertainment Class Age 13 to 15: Vicky Graham, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Lucy Ireland, Knaresborough; Lever Harp Elementary Grades 1-3: Laura Edmonds, Stokesley; Lever Harp Grades 4 - 5: Connor McMurray, Stokesley; Pedal Harp Grades 4-5: Tilly Poskitt, Cottingham; Pedal Harp Advanced Grade 6 & over: Megan Humphries, Nr. Ripon; Harp Duet Open: Hannah Higson and Cerys Rees, Cottingham; Harp Ensemble Open: The Soundboards, Cottingham; Musical Theatre Age 15 & under: ACTAcademy UK, Harrogate; 16 & over: KSSD Saturday Seniors, Knaresborough; 4 & under: Krish Desha-Beerachee, Harrogate; 5 & under: Robert Kidd, Harrogate; 6 & under: Robert Kidd, Harrogate; 7 & under: Eleanor Kidd, Harrogate; 8 & under: Thomas Went, Harrogate; 9 & under: Yuan Xu, Harrogate; 10 & under: Yuan Xu, Harrogate; 13 & under: Yuan Xu, Harrogate; Open to include Diploma Holders: Jean  Wildman, Shipley; Open: Ho Ching Ng, York; Bach Prelude & Fugue Class Open: Jean  Wildman, Shipley; Chopin Class Open: Philip Howarth, Harrogate; Twentieth Century Class Open: Tom Knowles, Harrogate; Piano Duet Year 6 & under: Eleanor Kidd and Robert Kidd, Harrogate; 9 & under: Hannah Shimwell and Millie Harris, Harrogate; 13 & under: Selina Pollard and Erica Markee, Harrogate; Piano Trio Year 6 & under: Holly Bletcher, Tara Dikmen, Sophie McHugh, Harrogate; Pipe Organ Year 11 & under: Joshua Taylor, Harrogate; 13 & under: Daniel Taylor, Harrogate; Grade 3 or 4: Annabel Baxter, Harrogate; Grade 5 or 6: Annabel Baxter, Harrogate; Grade 7 or 8: Grace Caton, Harrogate; Recorder Duet Year 6 & under: Jessica Townsend and Beth Harrison, Harrogate; Recorder Group Year 6 & under: The Bell School of Music Recorder Group, Harrogate; Prepared Reading Age 12 & 13: Thomas Wood, Knaresborough; 14 & 15: Charlotte Barnard, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Rebekah Rochester, Knaresborough; A Talk on any subject: 11 & over: Zara Fawcett, Harrogate; String Solo Grades 1 & 2: Sophia Rueschemeyer, York; Grade 3: Puyuan Ge, Thirsk; Grades 4 & 5: Ava Brule-Walker, Thirsk; Grade 6: Sophie Priestley, Harrogate; Grades 7 & 8: William  Clark, York; String Duet, Trio or Quartet Year 10 & under: Lilly Ho and Isabella Watson, York; Open: Selby Music Centre String Quartet, York; String Group Year 10 & Under: HLC String Ensemble, Harrogate; Open: HLC String Ensemble, Harrogate; Bach Class Open: Benedict Baily, Thirsk; Strings Novice Class Open: Neil Dixon, York; String Solo Open: Maria Marshall, York; Novice Ukulele Class: William Smith-McShee, Harrogate; Classical Guitar Year 6 & under: Tej Singh, Leeds; 9 & under: Milan Singh, Leeds; Open: Felix Collins, Durham; Verse Speaking Age 12 & 13: Thomas Wood, Knaresborough; 14 & 15: Vicky Graham, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Gemma Felton, Nosterfield; Sonnet Class Age 13 to 15: Katherine Hooper, Knaresborough; 16 & over: Gemma Felton, Nosterfield; Group Speaking Age 14 & under: ACTAcademy UK, Harrogate; The Elizabeth Hopkins Trophy Virtuoso Class: Cordelia Newbery, Harrogate; Flute Solo: Grade 1 or 2: Amelie Coyle, Harrogate; Grade 3 or 4: Lexi Powell, Harrogate; Grade 5 or 6: Evie Collard, Harrogate; Grade 7 or 8: Lily Scott, Wetherby; Oboe or Bassoon Solo: Grade 7 or 8: Robbie Messenger, York; Clarinet Solo: Grade 1 or 2: Eleanor Kidd, Harrogate; Grade 3 or 4: Olivia Simpson, Harrogate; Grade 5 or 6: Olivia Robinson, York; Grade 7 or 8: Emily Watson-Breeze, York; Saxophone Solo E flat and B flat Grade 1 or 2: Evie Collard, Harrogate; Saxophone Solo Eb and Bb Grade 3 or 4: Anona Raphael, Harrogate; Grade 5 or 6: Grace Malone, Harrogate; Saxophone Solo Grade 7 or 8: Stephanie Frankland, York; Repertoire Class Year 9 and under: Emma  Moore, Harrogate; Woodwind Solo Open: Stephanie Frankland, York; Christopher Richmond Trophy: Olivia Robinson, York; Ernest Hopper Trophy: Emily Watson-Breeze, York; Woodwind Duet, Trio or Quartet Year 6 & under: Amelie Coyle and Elizabeth Bromiley, Harrogate;10 & under: Tewit Clarinet Trio, Harrogate; Year 13 & under: Dragon Quadrasax, Harrogate; Woodwind Group Year 10 & under: Dragon Woodwind Sextet, Harrogate; 13 & under: Tutti Fluti, Harrogate;

Second weekend

Solo Acting Age 11 & under: Hattie Attwood, Knaresborough; Group Drama Age 11 & under: Highfield HLC Prep 5, Harrogate; Devised Drama Age 12 & over: ACTAcademy UK, Harrogate; Acted Scene Age: 11 & under: Hattie Attwood, Cecily Ruddy and Flossie Attwood, Knaresborough; 11 & under-2: Molly Metheringham and Scarlett Watson, Knaresborough; 13 & under: Harriet Swift and Tamsin Ker, Harrogate; Vocal Duet: Year 6 & under: Sophie McHugh and Eva Scullion, Harrogate; 9 & under: Harriet Rae and Claudia Rae, Harrogate; 11 & under: Anastasia Sheveleva and Tamara Demirchyan, York; Solo singing Musical Theatre: Year 5: Ava Bounds, Collingham; 6: Flossie Attwood, Wetherby; Solo from a Show, Film or Musical: Year 7: Tilly Ducker, Harrogate; 8: Oscar Gray, Harrogate; 9: Phoebe Kyriakopoulos, Harrogate; 10: Frankie Bounds, Collingham; Solo from a Show, Film or Musical: Year 11: Megan Walker, Harrogate; 12 & over: Alice Wright, Harrogate; Vocal Duet or Trio from a Show, Film or Musical Year 11 & under: Penny Alcock and Katie Alcock, Harrogate; 11 & over: Kitty Watson, Sally Hall and Alice Wright, Harrogate; Musical Theatre: Age 7 & under: Theatrebox Infants, Harrogate; 10 & under: Theatrebox Juniors, Harrogate; 12 & under: KSSD Saturday Junior/Intermediate, Knaresborough; Show Choir Open: KSSD Show Choir, Knaresborough; Olde Tyme Music Hall Song: Kitty Watson, Harrogate; Prepared Reading: Age 9 & under: Sofia Snowball, Knaresborough; 10 & 11: Ellie Kidd, Knaresborough; Speech & Drama Championship Class: Kitty Watson, Knaresborough; Solo Singing Boys & Girls: Year 3 & under: Beatrice Haddow, Harrogate; 4: Madeleine North, Huddersfield; 5: Ava Bounds, Collingham; 6: Flossie Attwood, Wetherby; 6 & under: Cian Corbett, Harrogate; 7: Gabriella Whiteley, Harrogate; 8 & 9 - Grades 3-5: Megan Mead, Harrogate; 7, 8 & 9 - Grades 2-5: Oscar Gray, Harrogate; Northern Choristers' Championship Girls & Boys unchanged voices - Year 11 & under: Lauren Windsor, Wetherby; Folk Song Unaccompanied: Year 5 & under: Ava Bounds, Collingham; 6: Caroline Freeman, Harrogate; 7: Tom Wallace, Harrogate; 8 or 9: Isabelle Graham, Collingham; 10 & over: Samantha Brockett, Harrogate; Verse Speaking 7-1: Georgina Laycock, Harrogate; 7-2: Annabel Wass, Knaresborough; 8: Iris Johnson, Knaresborough; 8-2: Alexa Burrell, Harrogate; 9: Hannah McHugh, Harrogate; 9-2: Henry Titchmarsh, Leeds; 10: Ellie Kidd, Knaresborough; 10-2: Flossie Attwood, Knaresborough; 11: Thomas Jackson, Knaresborough; Group Speaking: Age 8 & under: Highfield HLC Prep 3, Harrogate; 10 & under: Brackenfield School Year 6, Harrogate; 19 & under: KSSD Saturday Seniors, Knaresborough;

Third weekend
Verse speaking age 6: Hugo Andrews, Leeds; Brass Solo Year 7 & under: Henrietta Kirkby, York; 10 & under: Ben Pritchard, Bradford; 13 & under: Edward Freeman, Harrogate; Novice Choir Year 2 & under: Brackenfield Year 2 Choir, Harrogate; 6 & under: The Mount School Junior Choir, York; Choir Year 4 & under: Highfield HLC Middle Choir, Harrogate; Choir from smaller schools, roll not to exceed 120: Moorlands School Choir, Leeds; 6 & under: Wakefield Girls' High School Under 11 Choir, Wakefield; 9 & under: Musicality, Ripon; Chamber Choir  Open: Rock Up and Sing! Events Choir, Harrogate; Year 13 & under: Blue Blazer Choir, Newcastle Upon Tyne; Church Music - SATB Choir Open: Friday Voices, Burton on Trent; Open - Female, Male & Mixed over 16 members: Lindley Community Choir, Huddersfield; Choral Challenge Class Open: Friday Voices, Burton on Trent; Barbershop Open: Main Street Sound, York; Vocal Duet Year 12 & over: Christopher Davies and Helen Thomas, York; Youth/School Orchestra Year 6 & under: Highfield HLC Orchestra, Harrogate; Percussion Year 13 & under: Izzy Barrington, Knaresborough; Drum Kit Year 8 & under: Jack Littlewood, Leeds; 13 & under: Jack Littlewood, Leeds; Solo Singing Girls - Year 10 & 11 - Grades 4-6: Alexa Wilkinson, Collingham; Girls 13 & under: Niamh Robinson-Wakefield, Knaresborough; Boys Changed Voices -13 & under: Tom  Jansen, Harrogate; Young Musician Singer Competition Year 13 & under: Niamh Robinson-Wakefield, Knaresborough; Silver Rose Bowl Competition Open: Jonathan Smith, Rugby; Recital Class Over Year 13: Jonathan Smith, Rugby; Operatic Aria Open: Christopher Davies, York; Oratorio Class Open: Gracie Caton, Harrogate; British Composer Class Open: Gracie Caton, Harrogate; Lieder Class Open: Jonathan Smith, Rugby;